Does the use of Digital Marketing Communication Strategy Effectively Affect Conversions? (Case Study on DatascripMall.ID)

  • Rifqi Alfiyahsari LSPR Institute of Communication & Business
  • RA Christanti Taurina LSPR Institute of Communication & Business
  • Glenis Priyanka LSPR Institute of Communication & Business
Keywords: Digital Marketing Communication, Marketing Strategy, Technology


The development of technology, it then has a significant impact on aspects of human life and also business development. In this case, there are many methods that can be used as a method of using digital marketing strategies for companies. In this study, a cash study was taken on whose line of business is in the technology sector. The research method used this time is a quantitative research method with data collection techniques using primary and secondary methods. The results obtained in this study is that there is a significant influence between each variable on the company related to efforts to increase company profits.