International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) <p>The International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism, is published by the Islamic Education and Multiculturalism Foundation, Malang City, East Java Province, Indonesia. This journal is a journal that can be accessed openly and can be used as a scientific medium for all people, scholars in Islamic education, research and multiculturalism. Subjects include literature studies, field studies with various perspectives on Islamic education, research on humanity, civilization, diversity and diversity of society. This journal functions for scholars, researchers, lecturers, as well as professors from various institutions and affiliations in the world. IJIERM, published three times a year, in January, May and September. Always put the study of Islamic education in all studies as well as cross-cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, humanitarian sides. This journal, serves as a forum for the study of Islamic education, research, and multicultural education in Indonesia and the world in a global, local and interdisciplinary context.</p> en-US (Editor) (Editors) Mon, 08 Jan 2024 05:54:54 +0700 OJS 60 Islamic Education in the Perspective of the International World Muslim Conference on Education Ontological, Epistemological, axiological examination <p>At a time when the Western world was progressing, the Islamic world no longer dominated science and was even left behind with the arrival of Western secularism that dominated science with its modern style, so there was concern for Muslim thinkers. On this basis, a world conference on Islamic education was held. This paper aims to explain the study of ontology, epistemology, and axiology of Islamic education in the perspective of the World Islamic Education Conference. The method used in this writing is library research. The results of this study show that this international Islamic education seminar does not have a specific time, but can be held at any time according to the agreement. Second, the Islamic education curriculum is universal and covers a wide range of topics. Third, there is no scientific barrier that separates general science and religious science. Fourth, scientific integration is necessary. Fifth, curriculum integration for Islamic educational institutions today is certainly very important, especially in advancing Islamic education in today's digital era.</p> <p><strong>Keywords: </strong>Islamic Education , Science, International Confrence</p> Amsal Qori Dalimunthe, Salminawati, Usiono, Neng Nurcahyati Sinulingga Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Mon, 08 Jan 2024 05:54:36 +0700 THE CONTRIBUTION OF MORALIST LEADERSHIP TO THE PERFORMANCE OF STATE PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS IN LUBUK BASUNG DISTRICT <p>The phenomenon found shows that the performance of state elementary school teachers in Lubuk Basung District is relatively low. This research aims to reveal whether the two factors of moralist leadership and adhocracy organizational culture contribute to the performance of state elementary school teachers in Lubuk Basung District. The hypothesis proposed in this research is: Moralist leadership contributes to teacher performance. The research population was 300 public elementary school teachers in Palembayan District. Sampling was carried out using a stratified proportional random sampling technique. The selected sample was 90 people. To test the hypothesis, correlation and regression analysis techniques are used. Data collection uses a questionnaire that has been tested for validity and reliability. The results of data analysis show that: Moralist leadership contributes 22.1% to teacher performance. The results of this research indicate that moralist leadership needs to be implemented by school principals to improve the performance of state elementary school teachers in Lubuk Basung District</p> Irawati, Yahya, Rifma, Anisah Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Mon, 08 Jan 2024 06:28:09 +0700 CONTRIBUTION OF PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP STYLE AND WORK MOTIVATION TO STATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER PERFORMANCE IN AMPEK NAGARI SUB-DISTRICT <p>The research started with teacher problems in carrying out learning activities in schools. The research objective was to determine the contribution of the principal's leadership style to teacher performance, the contribution of work motivation to teacher performance, and the contribution of the principal's leadership style and work motivation together to teacher performance. This research is quantitative research with a descriptive approach. The population of this study were all teachers of public elementary schools in Ampek Nagari District, totaling 215 people from 23 schools. The sampling technique used the Cochran formula with an error rate of 5%, so a sample of 85 people was obtained. The instrument is used by distributing questionnaires on a Likert scale. The data obtained were analyzed with the help of SPSS version 25.0. The results of the descriptive analysis of teacher performance are 66.67%, the principal's leadership style is 67.08% and work motivation is 66.62%. The results of the data analysis show that there is a contribution of the principal's leadership style to teacher performance by 27.2%, there is a contribution of work motivation to teacher performance by 32%, there is a contribution between the principal's leadership style and work motivation together on teacher performance by 42 .4%.</p> Meri Yulvita, Anisah Anisah, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Hanif Alkadri Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Thu, 11 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0700 REPUTATIONAL, CREDIT, OPERATIONAL RISK TO MURABAHAH MARGIN INCOME. QUALITY OF PROFIT: CAR, ROE <p>The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of reputational risk, credit risk, and operational risk on murabahah margin income with profit quality as a moderation variable in Islamic commercial banks, CAR and ROE as a Control Variable. This research uses secondary data from financial records or annual reports of 15 Sharia Commercial Banks and 20 Sharia Business Units written in the Financial Services Authority for 2011 to 20121. Using the Structural Equation Model based on Partial Least Squares, the research hypothesis was tested. Research findings show that reputation risk hurts murabahah margin income, credit risk has a significant positive effect on budget income, and there is a positive influence on operational risk competence of cheap margin income, there is a strong influence on profit quality in influencing murabahah margin income from reputation risk, there is a strong influence of profit quality in influencing margin income Murabahah from credit risk, there is a strong influence of profit quality in influencing murabahah margin income from operational risk. Implications, for reference materials for Islamic commercial banks in determining policies and performance planning to be achieved that will find related risks. Orsinil, this study presents new empirical findings on murabahah margin income on reputational risk, credit risk, and operational risk of Islamic Commercial Banks in Indonesia</p> Toto Sugihyanto, Murtanto Murtanto Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Thu, 11 Jan 2024 07:25:34 +0700 Comparison of Plant Health Aspect In Green Open Spaces of Alun-Alun Kebumen and Alun-Alun Karanganyar, Kebumen, Central Java <p>Alun-alun Kebumen and Alun-alun Karanganyar are green open spaces located in Kebumen, Central Java. Trees are one component of green open space that has various benefits. The physical condition of the trees is something that needs to be considered in a public green open space so that the trees remain in healthy condition and can grow normally. Study of physical damage of plant at the Alun-alun was raised as a topic of research activity to determine the physical condition of the plants in the Alun-alun in Kebumen Regency. The purpose of this study is to identify the damage of plants and the factors that cause the damage, analyzing the level of gap in plant maintenance had been implemented, and compiling recommendations for plant maintenance in Alun-alun Kebumen and Alun-alun Karanganyar. This plant damage research have been conducted using the FHM (Forest Health Monitoring) method and the USDA Forest Service damage index. Alun-alun Kebumen has an area of 3,9 ha and located in the center of the district, has 16 species of trees, 18 species of shrubs, and 2 species of grass. The tree population in Alun-alun Kebumen is 252 trees. Alun-alun Karanganyar has an area of 3,2 ha and located in a sub-district which is 14 km from the district center. It has 18 species of trees, 15 species of shrubs, and 1 species of grass. The tree population in Alun-alun Karanganyar is 262 trees. The results of this research is that Alun-alun Kebumen had more physical damage of plants with 380 cases from total 252 trees, while Alun-alun Karanganyar had 319 cases from total 262 trees.&nbsp; Damage of trees can be caused by a lack or excess of nutrients, pests or disease. The gap value of plant maintenance in Alun-alun Karanganyar is greater than Alun-alun Kebumen. Handling physical damage of trees is carried out by carrying out routine maintenance combined with chemical treatment in the form of applying pesticides according to the level of tree damage. This research is the initial stage of mitigating fallen trees. Developments that can be implemented after this research are designing green open space for public squares by selecting tree species that have been evaluated for their vulnerability and whose health is monitored regularly</p> Herfiana Anggun Mustika Dewi, Nizar Nasrullah, Bambang Sulistyantara Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Tue, 23 Jan 2024 14:16:25 +0700 The utilization of Trichoderma viride in Optimising Xylanase Production from Coffee Cherry Processing Waste <p>The use of enzymes in Indonesia is increasing rapidly and is used in various industries, especially FCMG. One of the enzymes that is widely used is xylanase, which is an extracellular enzyme that can hydrolyze xylan into xylose and xylo-oligosaccharides. This research aims to determine the optimum conditions for the xylanase production process from coffee cherry processing waste (CCPW) using <em>Trichoderma viride</em> through solid fermentation. The research method used was experimental using central composite design (CCD) in Design Expert 13.0 software. The treatment designs used were fermentation times of 24 hours, 48 ​​hours, and 72 hours; and substrate concentrations of 25%, 50%, and 75%. The experimental response analysis design was enzyme activity, protein content, and specific activity. The results of the research show that the optimum conditions for xylanase production are at a substrate concentration of 75% and a fermentation time of 24 hours with a desirability value of 0.742, which produces an enzyme activity value of 36.388 U/mL and a dissolved protein content of 0.494 mg/mL with a specific activity of 73.660. U/mg. The verification results show conformity with the formula predicted by the Design Expert 13.0 software, namely enzyme activity of 36,292 U/mL and protein content of 0.488 mg/mL with a specific activity of 74,369 U/mg</p> Silvia Oktavia Nur Yudiastuti, Wiwik Handayani, Elok Kurnia Novita Sari , Rizza Wijaya, Aulia Brilliantina, Ahmad Haris Hasanuddin Slamet Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Tue, 23 Jan 2024 14:30:04 +0700 Implementation of Core Values of SOEs "Akhlak" Maqasid Al-Shari'ah Perspective to Improve Legal Compliance <p>The corporate culture of SOEs is known as core values that are set as the identity and glue of work culture supported by continuous performance improvement. Core values are principles and values that become the foundation and reference of a company. Core values in SOEs are known as "AKHLAK" which is also a moral guideline in facing various shocks in the VUCA era (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). With the theory of maqashid shari'ah is an important concept in the discussion of Islam to realize the benefit of mankind. However, it contributes to making the concept of maqashid shari'ah more applicable and functional for Islamic law in dealing with affairs in the contemporary context, especially in muamalah and worship. This is very important for companies because various problems must be faced by SOEs, namely moral values that are not upheld, so with "AKHLAK" as a moral value that will bring SOEs and individuals in them to progress and contribute to the country</p> Didi Apriadi, Sugianto Sugianto Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Wed, 24 Jan 2024 09:47:27 +0700 Diplomacy Conceptualization For The Security State On Mineral Resources In Indonesia <p>Diplomacy is considered for the security state on mineral resources in Indonesia since Indonesia is a law country and has many mining sector possibilities which need to be secured, and created in response to reduce negative impact on mineral illegal mining activities which cause many negative results for Indonesia. Therefore, the Indonesia government needs an alternative effort which lines with the principles concluded by this research. By literatrue reviews employed for the investigation on some international practices published by reputable-indexed journals with the same issue, this research performs an information for the armed forces and the leadership of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. In the absence of a generally accepted definition of "mineral mining activity diplomacy," the state (in this case, Indonesia) attempts to tailor its content to the requirements of the mineral resource security strategy. The study results that diplomacy involving natural resource mining has broad applicability to Indonesia since it encompasses state security policy creation and execution, as well as the establishment of permanent, cooperative international ties in the defense sector. The first step in realizing the concept's potential as a significant instrument is to conceptualize the mineral resource mining activity diplomacy for the security state in Indonesia from illegal mining activities.</p> Boy Nurdin Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Mon, 12 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0700 Analysis of the Implementation of Article 22 Paragraph (2) of ATR/BPN Ministerial Regulation Number 6 of 2018 on Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL): Limitations and Challenges in Recording Proof of Community Land Ownership <p>The problem of incomplete or non-existent land ownership proof among the community has arisen in one of the villages in Sidoarjo Regency. This is rooted in the registration of land through the Comprehensive Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) program by one of the heirs named "A". After the issuance of the certificate, other heirs raised objections regarding land ownership, leading to an unresolved dispute until now. This situation is not in line with the intended purpose of land registration, given that Indonesia has comprehensive regulations governing land matters, including dispute resolution. The persistent delay in resolving the dispute raises questions about whether there is a regulatory mismatch or implementation issues within the PTSL program. This research adopts a socio-legal research method with a socio-legal sociology approach and legal data collection techniques such as interviews, observations, and document analysis conducted at the Sidoarjo Regency ATR/BPN Office. The population includes employees of the ATR/BPN Office in Sidoarjo Regency, with samples selected purposively from the General and Personnel Substantive Group Coordinator or the PTSL Program committee or appointed officials. The research findings will be analyzed using descriptive legal data analysis. The results indicate that the implementation of the PTSL program aligns with existing regulations, despite encountering some obstacles. The identified challenges include disputes related to data forgery, conflicts among heirs, discrepancies in land measurement processes, and land occupation by individuals other than the direct owners. The ATR/BPN Office in Sidoarjo addresses these challenges by mediating disputes before PTSL registration to reach agreements. In cases where no consensus is reached, the registration process is postponed until a resolution is achieved between the parties. Additionally, in post-PTSL certificate issuance disputes, mediation is employed, and if no agreement is reached, the category may be downgraded from K2 to K1, or legal proceedings may be pursued to determine rightful ownership of the land parcel.</p> Fida Nabilah Taufiq, M. Hamidi Masykur, Supriyadi Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Wed, 28 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0700 The Role of Mass Media in Strengthening the Modern Legal State <p>This article discusses the role of the mass media in strengthening the modern rule of law. This type of research is library research carried out using literature from previous studies. This systematic literature review method is a research method that identifies, assesses, and interprets all findings on a research topic, to answer predetermined research questions. The mass media can help maintain press freedom, increase government transparency and accountability, and provide information and public oversight that can help ensure that laws are enforced fairly and democratically. In addition, the mass media can also encourage public participation in the legal process, provide a forum for discussion and debate on controversial legal issues, and give voice to the community in terms of voicing their aspirations and interests. However, the mass media also need to pay attention to the challenges in their role, such as ensuring that they not only strengthen the interests of existing governments or economic forces, but also help safeguard the interests of society and justice</p> Heril Anwar, Eny Kusdarini Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Tue, 12 Mar 2024 17:21:49 +0700 The Legal Issues in Implementing Constitutional Court Decision Number 49/PUU-IX/2011 (The Polemic of the Abolition of Law 7/2020 Article 59 Paragraph 2) <p><span lang="EN-US">According to Shaw (2018) the constitutional court is one of the forces behind the revival of comparative studies of constitutional law in the last two decades. The establishment of a constitutional court as the main feature of constitutional reform in new democracies. The purpose of this research is to find out the form of the decision Number 49/Puu-IX/2011 regarding the abolition of Article 59 paragraph 2 of Law Number 7 of 2020, and to find out the impact of Number 49/Puu-IX/2011 concerning the abolition of Article 59 paragraph 2 of the Law. - Law number 7 of 2020?. The method used is normative juridical because it discusses a decision of Law number 7 of 2020 concerning article 59 paragraph 2 which is deleted. The results of the study show 1) Decision Number 49/Puu-IX/2011 which deletes the Manuscript Law 7/2020 Article 59 paragraph (2). 2) The provisions in Article 59 Paragraph (2) were deleted in the results of the revision of the Constitutional Court Law or Law Number 7 of 2020 which was ratified by the DPR. This decision has a polemic impact on the community because it is considered a scenario for the DPR and the President to submit the Constitutional Court's decision, so that the DPR and the President no longer have an assessment of the Constitutional Court. The public considers that this decision is related to the work copyright law because with the abolition of article 59th paragraph 2 it can allow everything that is abolished in the work copyright law to be in vain because it is still under the authority of the president and the DPR.</span></p> Ridwan Syaidi Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Thu, 28 Mar 2024 11:37:54 +0700 The Role of Financial Literacy and Overconfidence in Investment Decision Making (Case Study on Master of Management Students of Diponegoro University, Semarang) <p>The right investment decision is based on how well financial literacy is owned and controlling financial behavior, namely overconfidence. In general, the higher the level of education, the better. The purpose of this study was to analyze the Role of Financial Literacy and Overconfidence in Investment Decision Making at the Education level of Master of Management Students at Diponegoro University Semarang. With a sample of 127 respondents, from batches 58-63 in 2024. The data analysis method uses the measurement model (Outer Model) and the Struktrual Model (Inner Model) in testing the model researchers apply Structural Equation Modeling-Partial, Least Square (SEM-PLS). The results showed the first hypothesis, namely financial literacy has a significant positive effect on investment decisions, the second hypothesis, namely overconfidence has a significant positive effect on investment decisions and overconfidence can moderate (strengthen) the relationship between financial literacy and investment decisions in Master of Management Students at Diponegoro University Semarang in 2024.</p> Meilin Thesman, Sugeng Wahyudi Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Tue, 02 Apr 2024 15:30:40 +0700