The International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multicultural charges the author Rp. 250,000 per article; this is to support the fees of distributing article. The International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism is accessible, as well as to manage various fees with handling and editing approved manuscripts, as well as for maintenance of journal and the journal's web domain. The fees  Rp. 250,000 covers a standard nine (9) to eighteen (18) manuscript pages. Authors who submit manuscripts to the open journal system are free of charge.

For author who does not have fees, they can access discount fees 5-20% (12,500 – 50,000) of publication fees, with the good quality articles, we prepare each volume for it. Then, the instructions for trnasfering money via bank Republic of Indonesia (BRI) will be notified by editor, then transfer, the bill will be informed to the editor. We don't want money cuases best article can’t publish. Low possibility of reduces publication costs from developed or developing countries, most for poor countries, the data is taken from world www.bank.org. If you want to apply for partial fees, you need to send email the editor's email before submitting your research paper in detail.