This journal charges authors the following fees: Article publication: 250K (RP), to support the costs of wide-open access dissemination of research results, to manage various costs associated with handling and editing submitted manuscripts, and managing and publishing Journals in general, authors or authors' institutions required to pay a publication fee for each article received. The 250K (RP) fee covers a standard twelve (12) to eighteen (18) manuscript pages. Instructions for sending money via bank transfer will be notified by the editor with the Bank's notification of receipt. If the author is unable to clearly state that he/she is asking for a waiver in the comments to the Editor box, those who qualify will get a reduced fee or 5-20% discount on the publication fee. We don't want costs to get in the way of proper publication of work. It is unlikely that a reduction in publication costs from developed or developed countries, most likely for poor countries data is taken from worldbank.org data If you wish to apply for a partial fee waiver, you need to email the editor's email contact before submitting with details about your research paper.