International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) 2023-03-16T05:10:25+07:00 Editor Open Journal Systems <p>The International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism, is published by the Islamic Education and Multiculturalism Foundation, Malang City, East Java Province, Indonesia. This journal is a journal that can be accessed openly and can be used as a scientific medium for all people, scholars in Islamic education, research and multiculturalism. Subjects include literature studies, field studies with various perspectives on Islamic education, research on humanity, civilization, diversity and diversity of society. This journal functions for scholars, researchers, lecturers, as well as professors from various institutions and affiliations in the world. IJIERM, published three times a year, in January, May and September. Always put the study of Islamic education in all studies as well as cross-cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, humanitarian sides. This journal, serves as a forum for the study of Islamic education, research, and multicultural education in Indonesia and the world in a global, local and interdisciplinary context.</p> Article POP UP BOOK DEVELOPMENT TO IMPROVE STORY ABILITY OF CHILDREN 5-6 YEARS OLD 2023-01-17T00:29:01+07:00 Hidayatul Munawwarah Rosmala Dewi Asih Menanti <p><strong><em>Abstract</em></strong><strong><em>: </em></strong><em>The development of storytelling skills in early childhood is important to note because it is a basic skill for the next level of education. This study aims to produce pop up book media that are valid and can improve early childhood storytelling skills. This research method uses 4D model development research with the stages of define, design, develop, disseminate. Expert judgment is used in the development of pop up books to be continued trials for early childhood to get various responses as input for improvement. Research results for pop up book media products that have been assessed as valid by experts and effective for use in learning to improve storytelling abilities in young children early with the criteria for classifying children's storytelling abilities, children who are categorized as having the ability to tell as many as 12 with details of 2 children are in the developing category according to expectations, and 10 children are in the very developing category. well, it can be said that the child has increased the ability to tell stories.</em></p> 2023-01-16T09:10:13+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) MULTICULTURAL POLITICAL COMMUNICATION (Case Study of Political Communication Bulan Bintang Party in North Sumatra Province) 2023-01-29T02:27:49+07:00 Hasrat Efendi Samosir <p>This research is intended to provide answers to the questions contained in this study, namely to describe the process of multicultural political communication Bulan Bintang Party carried out by the Regional Representative Council of the Bulan Bintang Party (DPW PBB) in North Sumatra. The results of this study, that there are forms of multicultural political communication in the DPW PBB North Sumatra that are interpersonal communication, namely <em>silaturahim</em>, visits between figures, door to door or direct selling. The Bulan Bintang party (PBB) in the North Sumatra, a special institution called KAPPU (Committee for Action to Win Elections) was also formed to bridge group communication between party leaders, administrators, members and the public, especially those who are very multicultural in order to obtain qualified and popular legislative candidates in society.</p> 2023-01-28T11:04:32+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) LIVING QUR'AN: THE MEANING OF GRATITUDE IN THE TRADITION SUDAH TUAI (Case Study In Koto Salak Kerinci Village) 2023-01-29T02:27:48+07:00 Muhammad Fadhlan Annisa Ulfitri Florian Pohl <p>Abstract: Indonesia highly upholds cultural values, especially Islamic cultural values. This research explains how the Koto Salak people's interpretation of the Qur'anic verse about gratitude, namely QS. Ibrahim verse 7 as a form of gratitude from the people of Koto Salak Village to Allah SWT for the abundance of rice harvests and the practice of community gratitude is manifested in the form of the <em>Kenduri Sudah Tuai</em> tradition. &nbsp;This research is a Qualitative research with an Ethnographic approach. The ethnographic approach used in this study to examine cultural culture in the Koto salak community towards the meaning of Gratitude after the holding of <em>kenduri</em> has reaped Data collected in this study there are three ways, namely: Observation, Interview, and Documentation. After the data was obtained, the researchers conducted data analysis with the approach of Miles and Huberman and Saldana, namely in Four ways; 1) Collecting data, 2) Blending Data, 3) Condensing Data, 4) and Infering with Data. The results of the study are as follows: 1) <em>Kenduri</em> has been reaped as a form of Gratitude to God, 2) As a container to strengthen friendship, 3) As a container for almsgiving, 4) Glorifying guests, 5) As a form of rejecting bala.</p> <p><strong>Keywords: </strong><em>Gratitude, Kenduri Has Reaped, Living Qur'an</em></p> 2023-01-29T02:03:03+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) MASLAHAH 'AMMAH: (A Comparative Study of The Concept Maslahah 'Ammah According To Nahdlatul Ulama And Ulama Mazdhahib Al-Arba'ah) 2023-02-12T01:02:40+07:00 al-Muthahhiri M. Hasbi Umar Ramlah <p>The second similarity in terms of principles includes, a) paying attention to the realization of general welfare and benefit (maslahah 'âmmah) the welfare of national development in the life of the nation and state, b) rejecting damage and taking virtue (benevolence). As for the difference, it is stated that "maslahah 'âmmah may not sacrifice other public interests that are equal let alone bigger ones". In the view of al-madzhâhib al-Arbâ'ah did not mention in detail as in the view of NU. However, globally the Hanafiyah school of thought uses this concept of equality (qiyâs), that something that is the same is considered the same, let alone something more than that: it must be considered. Then there can be legal consequences more than commensurate (qiyâs awlawiyah). As for some of the three scholars (Mâlikiyah, Syafi'iyah, Hanâbilah) use istihsân, maslahah mursalah, sadz ad-Dari'ah and maslahah mulâ'im in bringing up maslahah 'âmmah and it is very clear that they do not mention anything in the same way - the same that can be taken as an equation (qiyâs) in realizing maslahah 'âmmah. The implications of the difference in the concept of maslahah 'âmmah are; a) will increase the breadth of the concept or make it easier to limit and seek decisions in the public interest (maslahah 'âmmah), in accordance with the development of the times which are increasingly rotating in the midst of life. Because in essence all of this boils down to one goal, namely the realization of maslahah 'âmmah (universal goodness), b) ijtihad produced by Nahdlatul Ulama, in realizing maslahah 'ammah and rejecting danger, is elastic in accordance with the times and conditions. Because the two concepts of NU and madzhâhib al-Arbâ'ah can complement or strengthen each other, c) the decisions made by NU are stronger. Because NU in formulating maslahah 'âmmah only adds or complements it. For example, the decision must be based on the provisions of syura (the voice of the government and the people).</p> 2023-02-07T14:56:39+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) EFFORTS OF COUNCIL TEACHER IN REDUCE PEER FRIENDS' BAD PREJUDICE AT MADRASAH ALIYAH LABORATORY STUDENTS IN STATE ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY OF NORTH SUMATERA 2023-02-11T03:49:24+07:00 Khairuddin Tambusai <p><span lang="IN">Abstract</span><span lang="EN-US">: </span><span class="y2iqfc"><span lang="EN-US">The research aims to find out: (1) The condition of peer prejudice towards </span><span lang="IN">Madrasah Aliyah Laboratory (</span><span lang="EN-US">MAL</span><span lang="IN">)</span><span lang="EN-US">students at </span><span lang="IN">State Islamic University (</span><span lang="EN-US">UIN</span><span lang="IN">)</span><span lang="EN-US"> North Sumatra and (2) The efforts of counseling teachers in reducing prejudice against MAL students at UIN North Sumatra. </span><span lang="EN-US">The method used in this study is a qualitative method, research data collection is carried out by utilizing observation, interviews, and document review. The steps taken in analyzing the data are by compiling data, connecting data, reducing, presenting data then concluding. Through this research it was found that: (1) The occurrence of prejudice among peer students at MAL UIN-SU Medan was due to errors in reading incorrectly, responding incorrectly, hearing incorrectly, misunderstood, misunderstood, and misunderstood. The conclusions that arise from these mistakes will lead to unfavorable prejudices about something or someone. Among students also there is such a thing. Errors in various matters, as stated above, will create prejudice against his friends, even though this does not actually happen. (2) The efforts of the counsel</span><span lang="IN">ing</span> <span lang="IN">teacher </span><span lang="EN-US">in reducing the occurrence of prejudice among MAL students at UIN North Sumatra. As for the forms of prejudice that occur among MAL students at UIN North Sumatra Medan, in the observations of researchers, there are several kinds. There are in the form of judging wrongly, staying away or not wanting to approach, bullying, physical harm and slander. All of these forms of prejudice will have a negative impact on students, and (3) The efforts made by the </span><span lang="IN">counseling teacher</span><span lang="EN-US"> MAL UIN North Sumatra Medan teacher in reducing the occurrence of prejudice among their friends are by carrying out various activities aimed at reducing bad prejudice. At least two approaches have been taken. First by giving an example to each student that prejudice should not occur and showing the various negative consequences it causes. Second, by providing services that has been required in the </span><span lang="IN">counseling teacher</span><span lang="EN-US">.</span></span></p> 2023-02-10T17:36:22+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) MALAY ISLAM AND NUSANTARA ISLAM (TRACKING 13 CENTURIES OF ISLAM AND MALAY SYNERGY FOR STRENGTHENING INDONESIAN INDONESIA) 2023-02-14T04:06:21+07:00 Hayatul Islami Ris’an Rusli Amilda Sani <p>Malay Islam has become an important part of the development of Islam in Indonesia. Various changes in the face of Islam in Indonesia are caused by various interactions from one region to another. This article attempts to trace Malay Islam to build an Indonesian spirit with various other Islamic traditions. This study uses literature studies to analyze genealogically various synergies and relationships between Malay Islam in the local context and Islam in the archipelago nationally. Obtaining data is taken from literature sources that have been published or not yet published, articles, journals, research reports and relevant writings. Data analysis is used with data sorting and data verification stages. This article concludes that the integration of Islam, Malay and the Archipelago has actually built a strong synergy in building a place where both are present, namely the archipelago. On the one hand, the process of Islamization of the archipelago gave confidence and strength to build brotherhood between nations in this archipelago, from Sabang to Meruke.</p> 2023-02-13T07:24:16+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) ANALYSIS OF CULINARY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF ISLAMIC ETHICS (CASE STUDY IN MS. DJITO BATU'S CATERING AMBASSADOR BUSINESS) 2023-02-20T04:27:13+07:00 Ajat Sudrajat <p>The potential for culinary business development in Malang City is growing &nbsp;rapidly, one of which is in the catering business sector. More than 100 catering &nbsp;businesses in Malang prove that this business is in great demand by the people of &nbsp;Malang City. One of the catering businesses located in Malang City is Duta &nbsp;Catering, Ms. Djito, which is located between the border of Malang City and Batu &nbsp;City. Catering Ambassador Ms. Djito is one of the best catering businesses and is &nbsp;ranked No. 01. For the city of Malang and No. 02 for all East Java Province. Of &nbsp;course, achieving this is not an easy thing, but Catering Ambassador Ms. Djito has &nbsp;strategies for developing her business, and they are analyzed using Islamic Ethics.&nbsp;From the in-depth research findings, it can be seen that the strategy used by &nbsp;Ambassador Catering, Mrs. Djito, uses 3 strategies. Namely vertical integrity &nbsp;strategy (forward integrity strategy, backward integrity strategy, and horizontal &nbsp;integrity strategy), intensive strategy (market penetration strategy and product &nbsp;development strategy), and diversification strategy implementing a &nbsp;related/concentric diversification strategy. If analyzed with Islamic ethics, the &nbsp;strategies implemented by Catering Ambassador Ms. Djito are in general in &nbsp;accordance with the existing theory. In this case the Catering Ambassador, Ms. &nbsp;Djito, does not only focus on strategies in general, but the Catering Ambassador, &nbsp;Ms. Djito, also does not forget matters regulated by the Islamic Religion</p> 2023-02-19T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Islamic Education Values in Shaping Washatiy Attitudes At Thursina High School Malang 2023-02-21T04:30:44+07:00 imam safi'i Maskuri Djunaidi Ghoni <p><strong>Abstract</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The diversity that exists in the Thursina Malang institution can be seen from the background of the origin of the Thursina Malang students, some are from various ethnic groups and cultures in Indonesia, they are from Kalimantan, Sulawesi, East Java, Central Java, Madura and Sumantra. Thursina's students are not only diverse in origin, but also the backgrounds of their parents are very varied, ranging from families of academics, businessmen, elite government officials and ordinary people. Thursina's students are not only diverse in terms of regional origin, but also the backgrounds of their parents who vary greatly from academics, businessmen, elite government officials and ordinary people. Even though the students come from various backgrounds, they can live side by side well because differences are considered very common, and at the Thursina institution, the mission of outvalues ​​is broad knowledge, has moderate thoughts in Islam and has an understanding and attitude of rahmatanlilalamin. This study aims to describe, analyze and provide an interpretation of the values ​​of Islamic education that are used as the basis for forming wasathiy attitudes at Thursina High School Malang. This research uses a qualitative approach with the type of case study. Data collection techniques through observational studies, interviews and documentation. Data analysis used the Miles and Huberman interactive model analysis. checking the validity of the data through construct validity, internal validity, external validity and consistency. The results showed that in forming students to have a washatiy attitude at Thursina Malang high school, several Islamic educational values are applied, such as; the value of commitment, the value of being virtuous (maintaining integrity and morality), the value of empathy (sensitive to surrounding problems), the value of compassionate (love others wholeheartedly), the value of excellent in service (leading in helping others), the value of moderate (wise and respecting differences), the value of Rahmatan lilalamin (spreading kindness and benefits to others)</p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong>: Values, Islamic education, Thursina High School</p> 2023-02-20T18:03:16+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Improving Work Attitudes And Assistive Devices Can Reduce Subjective Complaints And Increase The Productivity Of Weavers 2023-03-10T05:00:00+07:00 I Gede Sudarmanto I Nyoman Purna I Nyoman Jirna I Nyoman Mastra Ni Ketut Rusminingsih I Wayan Sudiadnyana <p>Gringsing weaving products is a part of handicraft or home industry. They are still confessed at present and produced by simple technology with hand in hand. This activity as a business of income from the most of women in Tenganan Pegringsingan Village of Manggis Sub District, Karangasem Regency. A work attitude with no planned well and they do not use a tool instruments for helping then working correctly, it is caused a subjective complaints of the workers so the production is not maximally and will cause the productivity of the workers come down. Woven products workers is required a carefulness and neatness of the workers, with long sitting posture on the flour covered by something material. It is not aware of this problem in to the anatomy and physiology of the workers and they will have a lot of complaint, sick, or pain on their next, hand, low back, anus, thigh, eyes. It is caused static work load frequently, so that they will be to come a decrease activity and low motivations, it’is activity and the work is not done efficient and effective. The variable that is measured in this study is decrease workload, subjective complaint, work efficiency (long work), and work productivity. The research has been studied to the sixteen weaving workers that were chosen without rules with treatment by subject program with cross over design, its analyses unit considering group variance. It has been intervened by work attitude with supporting tool for instant ‘peliper, tingklik, por (supported by sponge), barble, and using eyes glasses and group workers. This study is analyzed by t-paired, and there is a significant work load reduction (p&lt;0.005), which is the pulse of the workers come down from 89,62 beats per minutes to be 82,56 beats per minutes (±5,60) in the same of the light work load category. The subjective complaints of the work load come down showed significant value (p&lt;0.005) that is from Nordic Body Map score 56,92 (16.14) to be 28.86 (7.32). By the efficient work 7 hours a day with support tools, it is to be come the productivity increase (0,34%) and work productivity (7,9%) significantly (p&lt;0.005).&nbsp;</p> 2023-03-09T13:02:08+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Study Of Maternal Death In Urban And Rural Based On Pregnancy Planning In East Sumba Regency 2014-2018 2023-03-15T05:10:17+07:00 Mariana Ngundju Awang Diyan Maria Kristin Wilhelmina A.A. Woda <p>Family Planning (Keluarga Berencana/KB) is closely related to reducing Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR). MMR is maternal death during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium. Reproductive behavior is a contributor to MMR in this case the 4Ts: too many pregnancies, too close distance, too young, and too old. The 2012 Demographic and Population Survey showed that around 32.5 percent of MMR occurred as a result of giving birth too old and too young, and around 34 percent due to too many pregnancies (more than 3 children). East Sumba Regency MMR in the last 5 years is quite high, number 1 or 2 is the highest in NTT Province after TTS. To determine the characteristics of maternal mortality in 2014 – 2018, pregnancy planning for mothers who died in East Sumba Regency and the relationship between maternal mortality and pregnancy planning in East Sumba Regency in 2014 – 2018. The type of research used is Analytical Descriptive Research with Cross-sectional Method. The population and sample are total maternal mortality from 2014 - 2018 which is 50 in urban and rural areas. Methods of collecting data using interviews using questionnaires to husbands/families of deceased mothers, Village Midwives and Coordinator Midwives regarding complete identity, age, education, occupation, parity, spacing of Acceptor card ownership, information obtained from the Midwife is detailed and systematic before choosing contraception. Most mothers have planned pregnancy but there is a tendency to follow the wishes of the client. Maternal mortality is not related to planning for pregnancy, but pregnant women who do not plan pregnancy well are at greater risk of death than mothers who plan to become pregnant conclusions and implications for nursing practice</p> 2023-03-14T10:53:06+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM) Analysis of Learning Difficulties About Introduction to Accounting And Finance of Worksheet Material Learning 2023-03-16T05:10:25+07:00 Suratno Martodiryo M. Rizky Rizali Hadi <p>The results of the analysis test can be used as a means to know the students' learning difficulties and as a guide to know how to overcome such difficulties. The purpose of this study is to identify and know the causes of learning difficulties on accounting worksheet materials. In analyzing the data presented the difficulty of learning accounting work sheet material based on the cognitive domain. The results showed that students had difficulty working on the worksheet on the dimensions of remembering i.e : "Writing corporate identity and period of worksheet", Categorization and account coding", and on the dimensions of understanding i.e : "Write the code of the newly opened account", and on the dimensions of applying i.e : "Lacking careful when posting post balance and adjusting journal",&nbsp;&nbsp; "Preparation of balance sheet after adjusted", and on analyzing dimensions: "Specifying real account and nominal account", and on evaluating dimensions i.e : "Determine the profit/loss company," and on the dimensions of creating difficulties caused by difficulties in other dimensions, while the way to overcome learning difficulties accounting worksheet material learning is to continue to practice in working worksheet and often ask to friends and teachers if there is a not understood.</p> 2023-03-15T10:30:45+07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 International Journal of Islamic Education, Research and Multiculturalism (IJIERM)